Henry the Newman





I'm super excited you found this page and are interested in learning a little more about myself, what I do and why I do it.

Well, quite honestly, I'm just a regular dude raised in a small city in Germany. If I didn't seek out more and were content with an average life, I would probably be drinking beer, eating sausages and watching football right now.

But that's not the case and most likely will never happen. Instead, I love learning and growing through books and in-person teachers. That's why I have and still am travelling the world, in this beautiful pursuit of excellence. Sometimes finding the answers to my questions and sometimes getting to know what I don't know.

Luckily, I had one constant in life, which has guided me towards this eye-opening path... MOVEMENT. Movement has given me so much. It has been a constant throughout my life and the deeper I dive into it, the more I see its benefits applied to every area of my life in so many ways.

I have been very fortunate being able to learn all of this and am thrilled to give back by guiding you along your very personal path. Learning new ways to move and live gets me incredibly excitement. And that's what I love to share with you in my humorous and authentic way.


Budokon Movement Henry the Newman Double Block

My physical and mental journey started when…

... I was put on the golf course for the first time at the age of three. Throughout childhood I was a dedicated student of Aikido, Golf Volleyball and Dance, before seeking out new challenges in American Football and Surfing.

Several years of determined Crossfit, Gymnastics & Strength training followed, as well as teaching others as a Crossfit Level 1 and Crossfit Gymnastics trainer. On top of that, I constantly seek inspiration and teaching from other fields, such as Yoga, Gymnastics, Surfing, Martial Arts, Sport Science, Psychology & more.

Training and learning directly from the acknowledged father of Mixed Movement Arts and Budokon founder Cameron Shayne, I have found a holistic training system to combine all of my research and share this knowledge with inspired students.


Budokon Movement Henry the Newman Flying Warrior

Teaching Style

For many years, I have trained with free weights and under the Crossfit methodology. Although very much enjoying the process of improvement and feeling fit, I was missing something along the way:

"The Way I Move is The Way I Live"

This quote states that there is more to movement or fitness than just your body. It is the way you act at home, at school, in the office or in the bedroom. Your movement training is a perfect mirror for the way you live your life. Are you scared of going into a handstand? Are you worried about how others see your body? Do you neglect 'stretching' and soft training, because you don't have time for that kind of stuff?

Only by pursuing the extraordinary in your training, you are ready to tackle live to its fullest. This has become the core of my work and personal philosophy. I am there to push you beyond your limits and challenge your patterns. Comforting the disturbed and disturbing the comfortable.