The Best Teacher I Have Ever Met

You can keep going out there and seeking the perfect teacher, but never find it. You can look around for the magic pill of knowledge, but never find it.

Before talking about the best teacher I have ever met, you need to understand why I am even looking for him. I have always been very fortunate during high school and did not need to learn much for tests. Rather I just listened to the teacher’s talk and soak up as much as possible during class. That’s one reason I never considered myself an avid reader. But then I spent some time working in Portugal, which turned out to be some sort of isolation due to the language barrier. That’s where my self-development journey really took off.

Connected back to reading and studying the works of successful business people, I slowly got myself into the self-development scene. Then I just started soaking up book after book and expert after expert. Especially during the next year, I got really into the works of strongman and philosopher Elliott Hulse, who gave great lessons and a fantastic point into the right direction through his Youtube videos.

At a similar time, I was not happy with the kind of life I am living when working in the office and your day being dictated by a corporate system. Therefore, I quit my job and wanted fully to dive into fitness coaching. As part of this journey, I educated myself through various seminars and certifications and stumbled into a three day Budokon training camp with Cameron Shayne.

I did not know much about Cameron other than having met him for a Yoga weekend at adidas and being impressed by his presence and teaching. Not knowing much about Budokon either, I just went with the flow. Then a major breakthrough happened during the training and I realized the true essence of training your body. It’s not about how fit you are, but rather the way you feel and connect with your body. It’s all about the mind body connection, everything else like success, appearance, confidence are just consequences of that.

 “What a teacher is, is more important than what he teaches”
Karl Menninger

So, it was decided. Cameron has shown me so much in just couple of days, I need to check out the full training camp in their Miami headquarters. Rather soon the decision was finalized and I went off to spend 6 weeks training and studying with the Budokon team. It has been amazing, physically training around 6-8 hours a day plus additional 2-3 hours of mind science, the philosophical and psychological teaching.

As mentioned before, a lot happened during these weeks and I developed in so many areas, I have not even thought possible and that these areas even existed. During the last week I was texting with one of the Budokon teachers saying that Cameron is not the right teacher for me. What? This guy helps you so much in the process and gets me introduced into all these experiences and he is not the right teacher?

No. In this case the words are meant differently. He is a great teacher for me. But in that moment, I realized something else. That I am my best teacher myself. No one else knows as well what I need as I do myself. You can keep going out there and seeking the magic pill from any of your gurus, but you will never find the perfect formula. It all lies inside yourself.

You have to find teachers that help you along the way and make it more accessible? Yes. And an environment with like-minded people Yes. But in the end, you have to wake up to become your own teacher.