Your Diet Sucks – Become A Flexitarian

New year, new chances? Better get started with your diet, right? Or maybe not. This article is meant to be controversial and break up with believes about trending diets. I even go as far as stating that all diets suck and you need the follow the one and only way of nurturing your body – Flexitarianism.

Watch out, I'm going to preach about the diet I currently pursue if it was a religion. My entire existence is based on me being a flexitarian. And I desperately need you to start being one, too, otherwise my entire life hasn't made any sense up to this point. Well, whatever! Better don't take me seriously...

Why would you even listen to me? I have been guilty myself. Calling Paleo the only way to eat, drinking 3 liters of whole fat milk for "the gains" and other stupid shit.

That's why I enjoy nurturing my body so much. Everything is allowed, nothing is forbidden.

It doesn't mean I'm eating chocolate all day. I'm just being the Omnivore that I'm born as. Eating everything that makes my body feel great.

We all have a massive problem with food. We are constantly being advertised with “healthy” food and no one even knows what healthy really means. On top of that, everyone is on a budget-mindset and we can save so much money with shitty food.

I've been digging deeper into my relationship with food and realized that I attached a lot of love and caring with nutrition. In the end, our stomach is the second brain and tells us a lot about our emotions. I started to realize this on my own body and paid closer attention.

Now, of course we could just follow a diet from any blog post, magazine or whatsoever. But again, you're just curing the symptom, rather than looking for the cause and digging deeper. Whichever area of life possible, we try to find the magic pill to a much deeper lying problem. Are you eating because of frustrations at work, unhealthy relationships or just in general a bad place in life?

Start listening to your body! It tells you everything you need to know!