The Key To A Healthy Relationship

I‘m no dating guru and don’t intend to be. That time is over and I‘m pretty glad about it! Nevertheless, as part of studying, teaching, breathing movement & living arts, there is no way around looking closely at the relationships with your partner, friends and family!

And one thing that constantly shows up for us is communication. Or put it differently: Be a great communicator and you will lead a happy relationship! A relationship where both partners communicate their desires, needs, opinions, thoughts, ideas, feelings, visions and anything else. A relationship where you can be an „open book“ to the other, where you can just be your truest, most natural version. A relationship where both partners walk their journey, while rescuing each other from falling off the cliff, and pushing a little harder when needed to sprint. 


This is the kind of relationship both of us work on a daily basis. Growing ourselves through the other. Communication is like the glue holding it all together. Start to see yourself as a mirror for your partner. A mirror that’s not afraid of saying the truth, as uncomfortable as it might be.

Oftentimes we let small flaws of our partners pass through, since we don’t want to hurt them. But think of your relationship as a garden. When there is just a little weed suddenly popping up, you need to rip it out, right away. Think of how much it‘d otherwise grow and multiply over years until you have an ugly garden... do your work!

Just as you cannot not communicate, you cannot not live (a healthy & happy) life without relating. Relating to people, things and your environment.

What’s one of your #relationshipgoals you are working on?