HOME - It's Not A Place. It's A Person

Home. I’ve been looking for you in a long time and now I finally found you... Since early in my life I have been traveling around the world and seeing beautiful places most people only dream of. Still I have never felt very much belonging 100% anywhere and was looking for more.

That feeling kept growing especially while I was stuck in certain places and circles that I did not connect to completely. I felt like I was missing something wherever I stayed, be it in the US, New Zealand, Portugal or even different cities within Germany.

Only after a lot of work and digging deep into my inside during the @budokonuniversity training, I realized that this feeling does not come from the place I am located at. It’s about the people I am surrounded by and I actively surround myself with. The deep human relationships, real love and true friendship.

It takes many years to realize that the true belonging does not come from a city, a beach, a wave or sunshine. It comes from like-minded people and the culture you create for your tribe. My girlfriend has played a major role in discovering this for myself. Not only having moved in together physically in 2017, but also showing me the meaning of belonging and unconditional love.

At the same time, I want to use 2018 to stay more connected to all of you, reach out to true friends and create a feeling of home together. (Even if we might be physically apart...) This feeling of home is freaking good, go deep into your plans of the next year and find the people you want to spend time with!

Who are the people you consider your home?