Learn | Repeat | Master | Teach

What a great reminder by @cameronshayne today! Even when close to mastering something, you never know what you don’t know!

Oftentimes we learn a new skill or anything in our life and suddenly think we have mastered it and are ready to tell others how to do it...

But can you repeat it with the same perfection over and over again? Have you broken down the pattern into smaller piece and are ready to teach this to a 5-year old?

If not, why are you even talking? Why are you wasting everyone’s time with your wanna-be smartness instead of keep on studying until perfection? You’re full of „wisdom“, but how much are you actually growing? Is this ‚know it all‘ behavior actually helping you get to the next level?

Hard words, but great insights and powerful mindset-shift, if you’re able to drop your ego!