Process > Product

What do I mean? Are all products bad and I won’t buy anything anymore? No. But when we talk about the fitness, training & self development industries, it’s not about trying to sell you the next best product. Or at least it shouldn’t be.

We are all lazier than ever before. We try to find a simple solution as an app, product or service. We are not interested in working hard on ourselves and we want to buy products instead of only buying guidance as part of a process, our own process.

I’ve fallen into this trap myself: While I wasn’t happy with the way I cared about all my relationships, I thought I could create an app. An app that makes my life easier meeting people to interact, exchange and follow up. And of course making a shit load of money on top to even be happier.

LUCKILY, I didn’t find any co-founders interested in the idea and I got over it, while not loosing the crave for working on myself in many different areas of my life. Movement, Relationships, Nutrition and more.

So then I went over to Miami for the Budokon teacher training with not really knowing what to expect. In the end, I experienced what it means to work hard, like freaking crazy hard, like I don’t want to do this hard.

Now I experienced first hand the only real way on how to change your reality. It’s why I do this. Now working with people on finding their own process of dealing and working on their pain points. We could go even more philosophical, which I enjoy a lot! But this might not help you, it somehow makes sense in my own head, but I have to communicate it back to you.

That’s why I’m working now on putting these wishy washy ideas into services, classes, “products”. So, you experience the process first-hand and as real as possible.

Get started in the process... not my process, but your own process!