The Way You Move Is The Way You Live

„What the hell? Do you squat through life Henry? You a crazy m*******er!“ Haha, well close to it! Of course this is meant in an abstract, but nevertheless applicable way. The way I maneuver around on the mat, the grass, the pull-up bar or any other area of my movement practice, will show up and translate to real life.

„Sorry bro, you’re being crazy...“

Let me give you a recent example: based on my character and how I was raised, I tend to fill my schedule with at least 1.000 projects or to-dos. That’s not healthy! Don’t do it! Your mind will explode! Trust me, been there done that! What’s the down side of this? You feel like nothing’s moving forward and you are constantly stuck.

After transitioning from Crossfit to Movement training, I felt similarly. Not knowing where to start off and feeling like I’m not doing the right things.

Several months of trial and error and I got more comfortable in just doing what my body feels like from day to day. My body getting better as a whole instead of being dependent on a single discipline.

If you can relate to it, congratulations! You have just discovered the so-called flow state everyone’s talking about. You stop future planning and immerse yourself into the HERE and NOW. So, by finding flow and contentment in my movement practice, I can apply the exact same principles to my life.


Inspired by my main teacher Cameron Shayne and @budokonuniversity school motto: „The way you do anything is the way you do everything!"