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Active Movement Retreat | MENORCA

In the Active Movement Retreat in Menorca, you will learn to nourish your mind, body and soul, as key interdependent components of your overall well-being. In the beautiful surroundings of Menorca, you are invited to relax in breathtaking beaches, enjoy healthy cuisine and a take a variety of fitness activities, which will enable you to enhance your wellness.


During the week, we will develop together the concept of “living in harmony”. We want you to reconnect with yourself, with your body, with your environment, with your relationships… and finding balance. Balance of hard and soft, yin and yang, active fitness and soft, gentle practices.


With a group of no more than 10 people, we can bring you an exclusive and personalized experience that will reconnect you with yourself and with nature; and leave you feeling charged, balanced and restored.


We chose Menorca, because we believe in the island’s power, therefore will bring many of our movement sessions to locations around it, merging yourself with nature. Your retreat will be hosted by a local of the island. With us, you will experience the island’s benefits at its fullest. She will take you to hidden beaches, beautiful hikes and wonderful landscapes, so you get the most of what Menorca has to offer.


Every day will be different, as we try to incorporate our movement sessions into the island’s diverse nature. However, here you can see a sample day at the retreat:

7:30 - 8:30: Morning Yoga
8:30 - 9:30: Breakfast
10:00 - 13:00: Excursion to Cala’n Brut for jumps and snorkeling
13:30 - 15: Lunch at the finca & Mind Science session
15:30 - 17:00:Free time. Relax at the pool, read write, practice …
17:00 - 18:30: choose between Martial Arts or Dance
19:30: Dinner


Henry Neumann has a background of several years of determined Crossfit & Strength training, as well as teaching others as a CF-L1 and CF Gymnastics trainer. He constantly seeks inspiration and teaching from other fields, such as Yoga, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Sport Science, Psychology & more. Henry has trained and learnt directly from the acknowledged father of Mixed Movement Arts and Budokon founder Cameron Shayne both in Europe and in the US. With Budokon, Henry found a holistic concept to combine all of his research and share his knowledge through Mixed Movement Arts.

Caro Love is an experienced Yoga Teacher and Studio owner, Mobility Coach and Shiatsu Therapist based in Vienna, facilitating Yoga Teacher Trainings and sharing her love for movement on retreats and festivals. In her movement - inspired Yoga flows she interweaves elements of various movement arts and creates a space for you to meet yourself. You will be challenged, find your strength, embrace your vulnerabilities and inspire your individual style. Classes will be ruled by awareness and are playful, dynamic and curious in Nature. Caro will contribute to this holistic retreat also with her knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is based on the concept of Tao and her creative cooking skills.

Andre de la Torre is a passionate dancer, fitness junkie and health advocate. Embracing her Spanish roots, she focuses on Latin dances, such as reggaeton or salsa, always incorporating her hip hop background. Searching for the optimal health, Andrea’s obsession is to learn as much as possible about different approaches to nutrition. She truly believes in the power of nutrition to heal, as well as the connection between food, emotions and well-being. She will share these concepts during the retreat. Andrea’s second home is Menorca and processes an unconditional love towards the island, which she will like to pass to you by sharing her favourite spots and take you to wonderful hikes.


  • Double bed room: 990€ (early bird) / 1090€ (regular)

  • Twin bed room: 990€ (early bird) / 1090€ (regular)

  • Single room: 1290€ (early bird) / 1490€ (regular)

Early bird available until 31.01.2019

Earlier Event: April 28
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