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Henry is a mixed movement artist and teacher by conviction. His physical journey has transformed his abilities to move with his body and manoeuvre throughout life. This has led to an enormous passion and inner fire to share this work with inspired students. His excitement about movement is contagious and noticeable in his unique teaching style. Discover it for yourself and come to one of his events.



Mixed Movement Arts - Combining Martial Arts, Calisthenics, Yoga and other forms of free movement for a well-rounded physical practice. Not specialized on a singular sport or activity, but rather carving the possibilities of the human body as its own. This training develops a strong, mobile, agile and well-rounded mover, as well as an incredible student and learner of all disciplines.

Through movement Henry is teaching the living philosophy of Budokon – the warrior’s spirit: Putting in hard work, developing one’s character and being part of a supportive community. Being an extraordinary human who is in charge of his life and actively shapes his own reality, no matter the circumstances.

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Henry the Newman stands for a journey throughout the fitness & movement scenes. On the hunt for a real formula for human well-being, he was never satisfied with a mainstream approach. Curious and brave enough to seek more, Henry has collected only the very best health methods from world reknown teachers of various fields. The result: Holistic guidance to the best shape of your life - both physically and mentally.