The Way I Move Is The Way I Live!

Train With Me

Everyone's journey begins somewhere different. You might come from a place of injury, aesthetics, performance improvement, inability to move or wanting to connect more with your body.

Whatever your personal journey or experience, I have probably been there. From sports over aesthetics over functional training to a more mindful practice, my movement history is full of various experiences. My journey has been an up and down battle and I have learnt a lot, which I would like to give to you as guidance now. 


The Newman

Henry Neumann has a background of several years of determined Crossfit, Gymnastics & Strength training, as well as teaching others as a Crossfit Level 1 and Crossfit Gymnastics trainer. He constantly seeks inspiration and teaching from other fields, such as Yoga, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Sport Science, Psychology & more.

Henry has trained and learnt directly from the acknowledged father of Mixed Movement Arts and Budokon founder Cameron Shayne, both in Europe and in the US. With Mixed Movement Arts Henry has found a holistic training system to combine all of his research and share his knowledge with inspired students.