The Newman

Henry Neumann has a background of several years of determined Crossfit, Gymnastics & Strength training, as well as teaching others as a Crossfit Level 1 and Crossfit Gymnastics trainer. He constantly seeks inspiration and teaching from other fields, such as Yoga, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Sport Science, Psychology & more.

Henry has trained and learnt directly from the acknowledged father of Mixed Movement Arts and Budokon founder Cameron Shayne, both in Europe and in the US. With Mixed Movement Arts Henry has found a holistic training system to combine all of his research and share his knowledge with inspired students.


    Training Philosophy

    For many years I have trained with weights and under the Crossfit methodology. I very much enjoyed the process of improvement and feeling healthy, strong and fit. At the same time, I was missing something along the way:

    "The Way I Move is The Way I Live"

    This quote states that there is more to movement or fitness than just your body. It is the way you act at home, at school, in the office or in the bedroom. Your movement training is a perfect mirror for the way you live your life.

    Are you scared of going into a handstand? Are you worried about how others see your body? Do you neglect 'stretching' and soft training, because you don't have time for that kind of stuff?

    Only by pursuing the extraordinary in your training, you are ready to tackle live to its fullest. This has become the core of my work and personal philosophy. I am there to push you beyond your limits and challenge your patterns. Comforting the disturbed and disturbing the comfortable.

      Give them what they truly need, not what they think they need
      — Unknown

      Teaching Style

      Starting from an early age in sports, I have had many great instructors. However, I learnt that there is a big gap between an instructor and a teacher. While one is concerned about his reputation, the other does not worry. While one caters for everyone, the other owns his own style. While one is average, the other is extraordinary.

      Students get confused and start to pick up terrible habits when confronted with instructors. They just soak up information and instructions on how to do things, while forgetting how to think. This is quite different to the teacher: He will challenge his students to listen to whatever he is sharing and start asking questions to themselves instead of looking outwards.

      This is exactly why I strive to be a teacher to you rather than another fitness instructor. The world doesn't need any more instructors, but rather real educators, real teachers. 


      If you are willing to become a STUDENT rather than a CUSTOMER: