Train with me

Everyone's journey begins somewhere different. You might come from a place of injury, aesthetics, performance improvement, inability to move or wanting to connect more with your body.

Whatever your personal journey or experience, I have probably been there. From sports over aesthetics over functional training to a more mindful practice, my movement history is full of various experiences. My journey has been an up and down battle and I have learnt a lot, which I would like to give to you as guidance now. 

There are several tools, methods and advice, which can prevent you from injuries, roadblocks and doubt along the way. Stop your ego from letting me help you, draw from my experience and save precious time.


Movement X Fitness


With the concept of 'Movement X Fitness' Henry guides you through a sustainable and effective approach to your fitness training. You will feel the real effects of fitness and learn movement skills you have not thought of possible before. We will incorporate elements of High Intensity Interval Training, Gymnastic Strength, Martial Arts, Animal Locomotion, Mobility and free-form movement. Experience true fitness under the motto: Move well, then move often.


Budokon Yoga


A yoga practice that draws on the freedom of creative sequencing cultivated in Vinyasa yoga and the circular nature of martial arts. It is based on the yoga style Budokon founded by the acknowledged father of Mixed Movement Arts, Cameron Shayne. Budokon is the art of seamless transition, coupled with the beauty of circular rotation, gaining functional strength, cardiovascular stamina, and joint mobility. 



Physical training is only half the formula of success. In order to live an extraordinary life, we have to connect our training to other areas. You will be guided professionally into the disciplines of nutrition, emotional, intellectual intelligence, relationships and environmental study. These life lessons are a major part of the learning process, as they will enable you to perfect your movement and connect to your body on another level. This is what makes one's body and life extraordinary.

    Through Movement I Express, I Explore, I Educate!

    Personal Training

    Training with Henry is not just about exercising. You receive 360° support with your health and fitness. Progressive and challenging training will make you not just leaner, but also stronger and more mobile. Under Henry's guidance you will work on your movement skills, while also taking a look at the other pillars of your life: Your thoughts, emotions, relationships, environment and nutrition. We don't know what we don't know, so get support in your physical and mental battles. Schedule a class today.

    Method: 1:1 teaching
    Location: Nuremberg, Germany


    Henry has seeked out the world's best teachers in their respective field of movement. This extraordinary education in the fields of strength training, calisthenics, martial arts and Yoga are brought back to his classes. Weekly scheduled in Nuremberg, you have the chance to train directly in a small group setting without the limitation of a single movement system. This freedom enables Henry to cater for your specific training and movement needs.

    Method: Weekly class
    Location: Nuremberg, Germany


    Remote Coaching

    Online teaching allows Henry to be fully invested in your training and lifestyle wherever you are located. You receive high class education on the fields of Movement, Fitness and Lifestyle. Through the guidance and accountability of having Henry as a teacher by your side you will tackle your training plan, nutrition, habits and execution of movements. Become a better everyday mover and give your body the fitness lifestyle it is looking for.

    Method: 1:1 online teaching
    Location: Worldwide


    During workshops, events and retreats, you immerse into the world of a Mixed Movement Artist, incorporating Bodyweight Training, Yoga and Martial Arts. Combined you experience true Fitness in all of its aspects: Strength, Speed, Agility, Mobility, Endurance, Balance, Coordination & more.

    Are you part of a tribe of people interested in movement, fitness, martial arts, yoga and would like to host a training, event or programme with Henry? Send him a message! 

    Method: Immersion
    Location: Germany / Europe