Workshops are an amazing opportunity for creating an environment of growth and self-discovery. We get to explore our own movement, both in body and our thinking.

Personally, I travel to several places all over the world for my movement research. I am super happy to combine my findings in workshops and share it with dedicated students. Only prerequisite: An open mind, love for movement and joy in learning new things.

I was on 2 Budokon workshops organized by Henry. It was a very creative, energetic and fun time! I admire his attitude for people, sports, way of thinking… It’s always cool people around his events! I would highly recommend to experience it.
— Natalia, Frankfurt

Budokon Yoga

Budokon Yoga is a contemporary blend of martial arts and hatha yoga, founded by Cameron Shayne in 2001. The fluid and powerful movements develop physical and mental focus and precision. This unique and strong practice is ideal for the athletic yogi seeking to tap into their warrior side. In the workshop, Henry will guide you through a creative sequence of various Budokon Yoga movements. Budokon emphasises on the transitions from posture to posture, rather than the holding of postures.

Check out the short video: Budokon Yoga | Sunset Flow

Budokon Mobility

Learn how to construct, deconstruct, progress and regress quadrupedal movement patterns. In the workshop, Henry will guide you through a creative sequence of different movements, based on yoga, martial arts, animal locomotion, dance and free-form movement. A big focus of this movement training is the mobility of your joints. This mobility enables you to prevent injuries and enable you to continue with your movement practice for decades. The techniques are learned through repetition and precision, the emphasis being on smoothening your movement, learning new ways to move and perfecting existing movement patterns.

Check out the short video: Budokon Mobility | Sunset Movement Flow

Budokon Calisthenics

Without strength you cannot hold a handstand, perform a pull-up or even muscle-up and not learn many new movements. On top of that, you are certain to injure yourself at some point, since all your joints require strength to stay mobile. Budokon Calisthenics builds the foundation of a top-level movement athlete. Participants can expect a well-researched blend of elements from calisthenics, gymnastics, intervals training and mobility through the lens of the Budokon mixed movement arts system. At the same time, you will develop cardiovascular endurance, power and speed.

Animal Locomotion

Budokon, founded in 2001, appears as one of the pioneers in the topic of animal locomotion. Animal locomotion teaches us different movement patterns that are deeply rooted in our biology. Animalistic movement develops both strength and mobility in all of your joints (hips, shoulders, knees, spine), as well as being incredibly fun. The techniques are being perfected through numerous repetitions and precision in the movement. Use these in your training for developing strength, core stability, prevention of injuries and as a warm-up.

Fearless into Handstands

Have you tried to hold a handstand for longer, but don’t really seem to have much progress? Are you struggling to ‘kick up’, in order to get into the feeling of being upside down? Are you best friends with the wall and don’t want to miss it? Then it’s about time to receive a little confidence boost in the form of a safe training and method for approaching your journey to handstands.

Experience the actual feeling of a handstand, as you work yourself through different transitions and beginning exercises. By understanding the principles of a safe method for handstand you will gain confidence. You will also receive plenty of exercises for the handstand journey, support of how to incorporate it into your personal practice, and tools for working with a partner.

If you want to host me in your studio or gym, please reach out and we will make it happen!

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