Here are the treaties you can learn from me... Find a workshop happening close to you by checking out the EVENTS.


Budokon Yoga
A creative sequence of Budokon Yoga signature moves and elements with the emphasis being on the transitions from posture to posture, rather than the holding of postures.
2 or 3 hours

Mixed Movement Flow
Budokon signature moves, animal locomotion and elements from martial arts, dance and free-form movement are choreographed into a movement flow for smoothening movement patterns and learning new ways to move.
2 or 3 hours

Body Control & Strength
A reviewed program incorporating Calisthenics, Gymnastics, Interval Training and Mobility through the lens of the Budokon Mixed Movement Arts System. Build the foundation for becoming a great movement athlete.
2 or 4 hours

Fearless into Handstands
The actual feeling of a handstand by approaching it through various transitions and intro exercises. Gain confidence by understanding the major principles on how to safely approach your handstand practice.
2 hours


Budokon Essentials

Budokon 2-day Mixed Movement Arts Camp for inspired movement artists from all over Germany & Europe to come together and move. Our camps are incredible hot beds of ideas and creativity where the latest movement innovations and technology are shared.
2 days

Movement Retreats
Join Henry in different beautiful locations for Yoga, Movement & Mobility, Animal Locomotion, Martial Arts, Calisthenics and lots of fun in splendid nature and on incredible beaches with a group of like-minded people.
4-7 days

You would like to host a workshop in your studio or know about a location where I should teach? Brilliant! Just reach out below. See you there.

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